Aug 192011

RedBoxThose Redbox kiosks all over town are a good way to rent a movie free or on the cheap.

Jennifer Maciejewski, of Atlanta on the Cheap and RVA (Richmond) on the Cheap has some tips about how to get free movie rentals":

  • If it’s your first time renting from Redbox, promo code “DVDONME” gets you a free rental. The promo code is good for either a free $1 rental or $1 off Blu-ray or a game.
  • If you sign up for text messages, you’ll get a code for a free rental each week as part of the Movie Monday promo.
  • You’ll need to get your code via Redbox’s Facebook page for this deal: Redbox has designated next Thursday as America’s Movie Night. Once you click on the America’s Movie Night tab on the Facebook page, you’ll have an option to send a friend a code or send yourself one. The code will be valid for a free one-night $1 rental at participating locations Aug. 25.
  • Check Redbox’s Facebook page for other deals. They post promo codes for deals, andthere’s a deals page that’ll let you find out how to score other free promo codes when you buy anything from gum to popcorn.

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