Jan 222013

My house is filled with moving boxes. Those plain containers don’t look like art to me, but The DailyCity.com has found the beauty in cardboard and is hosting the inaugural year of the Cardboard Art Festival. Seven artists have filled a large modern warehouse space with cardboard art hanging from the ceiling, stuck to the walls and free-standing on the ground.

On Friday, January 25 from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., the open reception features music and dancing. Admission is only $5. On Sunday, January 27, kids can join in the fun by creating their own cardboard art projects, meeting the famed Dog Powered Robot and touring the exhibit. Admission for kids is $1. To close out the festival, check out the Dog Powered Robot + Andy Matchett & the Minks on Sunday, January 27 for a $5 admission (pay at the door, cash only). Wine and beer by donation.

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